This is how we do it, gotta love f(x)....

KPop has dominated the charts.... and another girl band has released its mini-album this May 4,2010.
Check out SM Entertainment's newest all-girl band (2009), f(x)!!!!

What f(x) stands for...
a play on the mathematical notation for function, with "f" signifying "flower" and "x" representing the female's double X chromosome (Source: Wikipedia)

Their new album is entitled, "NU ABO". Coming out of their sweet attitude, f(x) has become the spunky hip hop girl group of SM Entertainment.

  1. "Nu Abo"
  2. "Mr. Boogie"
  3. "Ice Cream"
  4. "ME+U"
  5. "Surprise Party"
  6. "Sorry (Dear. Daddy)"

 Member Profile:

   Song Qian (Chinese: 宋茜)

  • Born on February 2, 1987 (age 23)
  • Chinese
  • f(x) leader, vocalist
  • dancer in Beijing Dance Academy, major in Chinese ethnic dance
  • casted in 2007 Beijing, China SM Casting System
  • Music video appearances: SHINee's "Noona Is So Pretty (Repla)"; Super Junior-M's Chinese version of  "U"; Kangta's "In My Heart Someday"
  • Endorsements: Anycall 'Anydream' (with Rain); Spris (with Lee Junki); Smart (with SHINee); Vogue Girl December 2008 (with SHINee); Samsung LCD




        AMBER LIU 

  • Born on September 18, 1992 (age 18)
  • Taiwanese-American
  • f(x)'s rapper, dancer
  • casted in 2007 SM Global Audition in Los Angeles, California

                                   LUNA PARK
                                                         Park Sun-young (Korean: 박선영)

  • Born on August 12, 1993 (age 17)
  • Korean
  • f(x)'s lead vocalist
  • casted in 2006 SM Casting System 



      Choi Seol-ri (Korean: 최설리)

  • Born on March 29, 1994 (age 16)
  • Korean
  • f(x)'s vocalist
  • first debuted as an actress in 2005
  • casted in 2005 SM Casting System
  • Films: "Punch Lady" (2007); "Idiot" (2008)
  • TV Series: "The Ballad of Seo-dong" (2o05); "Love Needs A Miracle" (2005); "Vacation" (2006); "Drama City" (2007); DBSK's "Vacation" (mini-drama)
  • Endorsements: Maru Kids; LG Cyon Chocolate Phone (2007); Nanas'B Acness (2009)

Krystal Jung Soo-jung (Korean: 정수정)

  • Born on October 24, 1994 (age 16)
  • Korean, born in San Francisco, USA
  • younger sister of Jessica Jung (SNSD)
  • youngest member of f(x); lead vocalist
  • casted in 2006 SM Casting System
  • Music video appearances: Shinhwa's "Wedding March" (2000); Rain's "Still Believe" (2006); SHINee's "Juliette" (2009)
  • Endorsements: Lotte Chaurin Green Tea (2002); Yuhan Kimberly (2003), Ohdduki Curry (2003), EO (2003); Korea Life (2006); Yoon's English Academy (2006-2007); Clean and Clear (2009-2010)

Check out their Music Videos: (click on the links)
"La Cha Ta" music video
"Chu" music video
"Lollipop" feat. M.I.C. music video
"Chocolate Love" music video

And the teaser to their latest album released,
"NU ABO" video teaser 

5 Things I Like About f(x):

1. Sense of style. They are not trying hard. They do their own thing. You don't see them copying other girl bands (no, they are different from 2NE1!)

2. Sweet and Cool Aura. No girl group can pull that off. They're all young but they don't act too giddy. They're quite matured in their music videos and appearances. They ARE sexy BUT not that kind of sleezy sexy.

3. Music Genre. May it be hiphop, pop, or punk-pop...people dance to the beat of their music!

4. Attitude. They all have it. Victoria may be 6 years older than them but it doesn't show! Sulli appears to be the maknae (baby) of the group. Krystal is their muse (dubbed to be the prettiest). Luna is the siren. Amber is the androgenous one. Yes, she is a girl. As of now, they're one of the most like-able groups in Korea.

5. 5 girls who can sing, dance, rap, MC, and act. What more could you ask for?!

Let's support f(x)!
Their CD will be released this month of May, wait for it! :)

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    KPop Street Style

     Korean Wave. I have to admit, I love Korean fashion. I love street, laid-back style.
    I often wear suspenders now :)

    The best group that depicts KOREAN HipHop fashion is SM Entertainment's all-girl group, f(x)


    I'll probably write an entry about them soon. Currently, I'm learning the dance :)
    It's so addicting.

    Summer will end soon. And I'll be off to school again. BOO!

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    Talk To Me in Korean

    Here's an alternative way to spend the summer..... learn Korean for FREE.
    The website, ‘Talk To Me In Korean’ ( offers a wide range of basic and advanced courses, available for download: PDF and mp3 podcasts.

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    Thai Prince

    I miss THAILAND. All those spicy food. The hospitable people. The Thai massage. The cheap and trendy clothes and accessories. The ferry ride. The tuk tuk. The night market. The party places along Suan Lum. THAILAND IS THE PLACE TO BE.

     Watch this video. This will make you want to be in Thailand right now. Promoted by KPop's 2AM boyband member, Nichkhun, who is actually a Thai native.

    Just an FYI: Nichkhun was born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, Los Angeles. I spent most of my summers since I was a kid in that very own neighborhood. My mom and brother are there right now. Almost all of my relatives stay there! :)) I guess he may be one of those guys I used to hang around with in the playground. 

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    The Kfad Chronicles: Kshoes!

    Somehow, people are getting hooked into the Korean world.
    I have to admit, the Philippines is under the Korean Influence this year.

    2010 is KPOP year (an era perhaps if it lasts longer!)

    First thing on the list,

    SHOES♥ Definitely one of the reasons why I love being a girl.

    ...typically an every-day type; comfty!

    and girlish....

    Wear with a dress, skirts, shorts, and even jeans.

    Peep-toed ones are also fashionable.

    Sandal-type will never be out of fashion, especially to those living in countries with only 2 types of seasons.
    Whether it's summer or rainy season, sandals are the most relevant type of footwear (perhaps next to sneakers).

    Boho-type of flats
    ...definitely for the summer

    Boot-type and flats in one.
    These are the type you wear with shorts and skirts.
    Cute and wild colors go well with khakis.


    ...not necessarily the sandal-type.
    This one is a wedge and a boot is one.
    Very cute, classy, and trendy.
    Goes well with a Bohemian outfit, or even a cute dress.

    This has Asian trademark all over it.
    Oxford-like sneaker type of wedge shoes.
    Talk about short dresses, skirts, shorts, and maybe skinny capri pants will get along with this one.

    I like wedges. I'm not a heel-type of person because I walk really fast especially in school.
    I think 1/3 of my shoe cabinet are composed of wedges.

    are my second best friends.

    For the sporty-type. For the laid-back type. For the artists. For the young at heart. For the adventure seekers. For the travelers. For the schoolgirl/schoolboy type.
    How bout getting ones without shoelaces?
    Reminds me of the shoes I wore when I was 2.
    No need to tie laces. No laces to step on.

    Work Booties

    Wonder why they're so IN?! Brings out the boyish side of a girl.
    Usually worn with shorts and skirts, these once-called-work-boots are now in the fashion scene.



    Boots will never go out of style. That's what I think!
    But during the summer season, boots will have to stay inside my shoe cabinet.
    However, HATS OFF to those who'd wear boots whether rain or shine. 
    Living in a conformist society with only 2 types of weather, boots are attention-grabbers.
    KPop fashion is in now, and are definitely a hip!

     Classy Booties

    Party boots. Perhaps the type you'd wear to night outs, clubs, and places where the fashion scene is diverse.
    These go well with almost any outfit. Well, except sporty clothes.


     Close-Heeled Booties
    This one is more on the casual side.
    I like it in bright red.

    Heeled Sandals

    Now, the conservative wear...

     And my fave of all..... MARY-JANES!

    I guess I still have the style of a schoolgirl. haha .

    Okay... enough of shoes now :)

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