KPop Street Style

 Korean Wave. I have to admit, I love Korean fashion. I love street, laid-back style.
I often wear suspenders now :)

The best group that depicts KOREAN HipHop fashion is SM Entertainment's all-girl group, f(x)


I'll probably write an entry about them soon. Currently, I'm learning the dance :)
It's so addicting.

Summer will end soon. And I'll be off to school again. BOO!

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Talk To Me in Korean

Here's an alternative way to spend the summer..... learn Korean for FREE.
The website, ‘Talk To Me In Korean’ ( offers a wide range of basic and advanced courses, available for download: PDF and mp3 podcasts.

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Thai Prince

I miss THAILAND. All those spicy food. The hospitable people. The Thai massage. The cheap and trendy clothes and accessories. The ferry ride. The tuk tuk. The night market. The party places along Suan Lum. THAILAND IS THE PLACE TO BE.

 Watch this video. This will make you want to be in Thailand right now. Promoted by KPop's 2AM boyband member, Nichkhun, who is actually a Thai native.

Just an FYI: Nichkhun was born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, Los Angeles. I spent most of my summers since I was a kid in that very own neighborhood. My mom and brother are there right now. Almost all of my relatives stay there! :)) I guess he may be one of those guys I used to hang around with in the playground. 

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The Kfad Chronicles: Kshoes!

Somehow, people are getting hooked into the Korean world.
I have to admit, the Philippines is under the Korean Influence this year.

2010 is KPOP year (an era perhaps if it lasts longer!)

First thing on the list,

SHOES♥ Definitely one of the reasons why I love being a girl.

...typically an every-day type; comfty!

and girlish....

Wear with a dress, skirts, shorts, and even jeans.

Peep-toed ones are also fashionable.

Sandal-type will never be out of fashion, especially to those living in countries with only 2 types of seasons.
Whether it's summer or rainy season, sandals are the most relevant type of footwear (perhaps next to sneakers).

Boho-type of flats
...definitely for the summer

Boot-type and flats in one.
These are the type you wear with shorts and skirts.
Cute and wild colors go well with khakis.


...not necessarily the sandal-type.
This one is a wedge and a boot is one.
Very cute, classy, and trendy.
Goes well with a Bohemian outfit, or even a cute dress.

This has Asian trademark all over it.
Oxford-like sneaker type of wedge shoes.
Talk about short dresses, skirts, shorts, and maybe skinny capri pants will get along with this one.

I like wedges. I'm not a heel-type of person because I walk really fast especially in school.
I think 1/3 of my shoe cabinet are composed of wedges.

are my second best friends.

For the sporty-type. For the laid-back type. For the artists. For the young at heart. For the adventure seekers. For the travelers. For the schoolgirl/schoolboy type.
How bout getting ones without shoelaces?
Reminds me of the shoes I wore when I was 2.
No need to tie laces. No laces to step on.

Work Booties

Wonder why they're so IN?! Brings out the boyish side of a girl.
Usually worn with shorts and skirts, these once-called-work-boots are now in the fashion scene.



Boots will never go out of style. That's what I think!
But during the summer season, boots will have to stay inside my shoe cabinet.
However, HATS OFF to those who'd wear boots whether rain or shine. 
Living in a conformist society with only 2 types of weather, boots are attention-grabbers.
KPop fashion is in now, and are definitely a hip!

 Classy Booties

Party boots. Perhaps the type you'd wear to night outs, clubs, and places where the fashion scene is diverse.
These go well with almost any outfit. Well, except sporty clothes.


 Close-Heeled Booties
This one is more on the casual side.
I like it in bright red.

Heeled Sandals

Now, the conservative wear...

 And my fave of all..... MARY-JANES!

I guess I still have the style of a schoolgirl. haha .

Okay... enough of shoes now :)

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Get your SUPERGIRL Shirt

...logos are customized by TeeBops' very own punk rock artist.

We just started this tee business so bear with us.
Our first project caters to kpop fangirls since Korean boybands are a hit this 2010.
In the meantime, we are working on other designs for the not-so-fangirls out there.

Check our website at

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Etude House

Upon my visit in Singapore, I came across this pink shop in Plaza Singapura with girls dressed in pink with white aprons. (everyone knows how much I hate pink) 

To describe the ambiance, it was too girlish. I felt like a prom princess. Everything was so PINK. The girls were even extra nice in showing me how to use the products.
However, it's funny that they do not know who Lee Min Ho is nor are they even Korean. They just smiled at me as I told them general info about Korean boys and their impact on girls these days.

But of course, 
I did my shopping spree.

I spent a total of S$60 on beauty products. Well, just 2 products.

For that, I earned a MEMBERSHIP CARD.

I am entitled to 7% discount for all products, except those on-sale. Unfortunately, my card is only for Singapore. 
I got freebies as well (trial items).

2 items I fell in love with:

Etude House collagen mistful essence.

For the face. A toner and moisturizer in ONE.
Tightens your pores and adds moisture to your face.
Applied 2x a day, in the morning (before putting make-up) and at night before bedtime.
It gives you this glow, without the oily feeling.
Perfect for those with dry and oily skin. Perfect for the SUMMER.
I also love the pretty smell. And gives a little sparkle on your face.

Curious? I recommend you to try it :)

VIP Girl Lipstick

Want those cute kissable lips?
It's glossy and colorful.
You have to love its sweet taste!
From pale pink to the brightest red, you can't resist to pucker up.
Say goodbye to your old lipsticks that make your lips dry and chappy.

 I have a pink one, and I just love it.

Get to know the sweetness of ETUDE.

Etude  means "a musical study or composition intended for the practice of some point of technique".

Etude house, a Korean beauty solution shop, was established in 1995 as a specialty cosmetics brand, focused on high quality, reasonable pricing, simple design, and a wide variety of colors.

Its identity is SWEET.
Stores look like a princess' private room, conceived out of a fairy tale.
Makes you love being a girl.
The style is fun, new, casual, and unique.
         TRENDY?               SWEET?          SPARKLING?
      ROMANTIC?       CHEERFUL?        UNIQUE?
        PRETTY?               CURIOUS?

Its approach may be "teenage" or even "pre-teenish" BUT their products cater to women beyond their teens. From skin care, make-up, body, hair-care, to perfumes, and products for men.
Famous endorsers are Korea's Pop Idols, Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers) and Park Shin Hye (You're Beautiful).

Just for the record, Etude House was awarded "First Brand" prize for the Cosmetics Retail Brand Shop category at the 8th Annual 2010 Korea First Brand Award Ceremony held in Seoul on February 9, 2010.

Branches all over Asia: Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Philippines!

Check out the first 2 branches of Etude House:

1. SM Megamall, Ortigas: Upper Ground Floor, Building A
2. Festival Mall, Alabang: 2nd Floor, Wing 

For more information, visit the Etude House website:

Are you into Korean things?
Well, you might want to check this site too.

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Notes on TRAVELING International.

If you think booking a plane ticket with hotel accommodations, packing up, and driving to the airport are the only things to consider, you're either a newbie or a himono.


1. Airport terminal. 
Some airports cater to more than 3 airlines. In the Philippine setting, take NAIA Terminal 1 as an example. 
Consider OFW flights, airlines with almost the same flight schedules, and the check-in system.

2. Travel tax
Travel tax is P1,620. This is paid either in a booth/stall near the entrance or right beside the airline check-in counter.    

3. Airport tax. 
Airport tax is P750. Paid before the Immigration counter.

4. Immigration
Fill out the form that will include your passport number, personal information, destination, flight details, and grounds for traveling, which will be later on questioned by the immigration personnel of your airport destination.
You MUST supply all information, with justification. 

5. Keep your belongings with you at all times.
It's better to be safe than sorry.

6. Join the big group. Do not go on your own.
You may enjoy the comfort and freedom of traveling alone. BUT it's better to stay close to the crowd. From departure to arrival, make sure you stick with your fellow passengers. Things can still happen. Immigration officers have the liberty to question any person. Some people may act friendly and take advantage of you once they find out you're on your own.  Go with the flow and make friends.

7. Upon arrival, go to the Money Changer.
ALL airport terminals have money changers. However, do NOT exchange ALL your money. Airport rates are usually low. Just make sure you have money sufficient to get you to your place/hotel. You can go and find other money changers with higher rates later on. 

8. Use your gadgets. Take advantage of the IT era.
Bring your cellphone. Get a SIM card at the airport or have it set to Roaming. If you bring your laptop or other devices which acquires internet access, almost ALL airports have free wifi access.

You may have one of the lightest hand luggage upon arrival, but considering all those shopping escapades, you might end up sitting on top of your bag, pushing it further just to close the zipper. Take note that the REQUIRED weight for hand luggage is usually below 7lbs. If your hand luggage exceeds the maximum weight, you have to pay extra cost (usually around $15), and have it considered as a check-in baggage.

10. NO liquids.
All liquids inside the hand luggage must NOT exceed 100mL. Liquids must be placed in sealed containers. If you wish to bring more than 100mL, place them inside your check-in luggage. Save yourself from all the questionings and confiscations.

 ....Keep these things in mind. It's fun to travel but it's better not to get into trouble. 
Don't be a himono and learn things the hard way.      



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Sometimes...You will really think....

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On age and himono.

Age is merely a length of time, a number.

Himono is a "dried-fish woman [himono onna - 干物女]: Himono onna (”dried-fish woman”), an expression used in the movie Hotaru No Hikari to describe the main character, a woman in her 20s who has renounced the pursuit of romance. She spends her evenings reading manga and drinking at home alone, and she spends her weekends lazing around in bed."


        Now before you follow this thread and assume that I'm one of those typical teenage girls, let me tell you that I am a self-confessed HIMONO.    

Guess the age? 
I am in my 20s... soon to be mid-20s.
Still no romance in life.
Addicted to not manga,but kpop and Asian series.
I drink beer alone in my room while surfing the net.
I spend my weekends either in the boxing gym or lazing in bed.

But of course, I used to be a workaholic girl in the field of Media
and Advertising. 

Now..... I'm getting into something SERIOUS.


Here's to a 2010 Summer. I started blogging again just so I could share things and maybe stop people from becoming "Himonos".                                      

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