The Kfad Chronicles: Kshoes!

Somehow, people are getting hooked into the Korean world.
I have to admit, the Philippines is under the Korean Influence this year.

2010 is KPOP year (an era perhaps if it lasts longer!)

First thing on the list,

SHOES♥ Definitely one of the reasons why I love being a girl.

...typically an every-day type; comfty!

and girlish....

Wear with a dress, skirts, shorts, and even jeans.

Peep-toed ones are also fashionable.

Sandal-type will never be out of fashion, especially to those living in countries with only 2 types of seasons.
Whether it's summer or rainy season, sandals are the most relevant type of footwear (perhaps next to sneakers).

Boho-type of flats
...definitely for the summer

Boot-type and flats in one.
These are the type you wear with shorts and skirts.
Cute and wild colors go well with khakis.


...not necessarily the sandal-type.
This one is a wedge and a boot is one.
Very cute, classy, and trendy.
Goes well with a Bohemian outfit, or even a cute dress.

This has Asian trademark all over it.
Oxford-like sneaker type of wedge shoes.
Talk about short dresses, skirts, shorts, and maybe skinny capri pants will get along with this one.

I like wedges. I'm not a heel-type of person because I walk really fast especially in school.
I think 1/3 of my shoe cabinet are composed of wedges.

are my second best friends.

For the sporty-type. For the laid-back type. For the artists. For the young at heart. For the adventure seekers. For the travelers. For the schoolgirl/schoolboy type.
How bout getting ones without shoelaces?
Reminds me of the shoes I wore when I was 2.
No need to tie laces. No laces to step on.

Work Booties

Wonder why they're so IN?! Brings out the boyish side of a girl.
Usually worn with shorts and skirts, these once-called-work-boots are now in the fashion scene.



Boots will never go out of style. That's what I think!
But during the summer season, boots will have to stay inside my shoe cabinet.
However, HATS OFF to those who'd wear boots whether rain or shine. 
Living in a conformist society with only 2 types of weather, boots are attention-grabbers.
KPop fashion is in now, and are definitely a hip!

 Classy Booties

Party boots. Perhaps the type you'd wear to night outs, clubs, and places where the fashion scene is diverse.
These go well with almost any outfit. Well, except sporty clothes.


 Close-Heeled Booties
This one is more on the casual side.
I like it in bright red.

Heeled Sandals

Now, the conservative wear...

 And my fave of all..... MARY-JANES!

I guess I still have the style of a schoolgirl. haha .

Okay... enough of shoes now :)

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