Notes on TRAVELING International.

If you think booking a plane ticket with hotel accommodations, packing up, and driving to the airport are the only things to consider, you're either a newbie or a himono.


1. Airport terminal. 
Some airports cater to more than 3 airlines. In the Philippine setting, take NAIA Terminal 1 as an example. 
Consider OFW flights, airlines with almost the same flight schedules, and the check-in system.

2. Travel tax
Travel tax is P1,620. This is paid either in a booth/stall near the entrance or right beside the airline check-in counter.    

3. Airport tax. 
Airport tax is P750. Paid before the Immigration counter.

4. Immigration
Fill out the form that will include your passport number, personal information, destination, flight details, and grounds for traveling, which will be later on questioned by the immigration personnel of your airport destination.
You MUST supply all information, with justification. 

5. Keep your belongings with you at all times.
It's better to be safe than sorry.

6. Join the big group. Do not go on your own.
You may enjoy the comfort and freedom of traveling alone. BUT it's better to stay close to the crowd. From departure to arrival, make sure you stick with your fellow passengers. Things can still happen. Immigration officers have the liberty to question any person. Some people may act friendly and take advantage of you once they find out you're on your own.  Go with the flow and make friends.

7. Upon arrival, go to the Money Changer.
ALL airport terminals have money changers. However, do NOT exchange ALL your money. Airport rates are usually low. Just make sure you have money sufficient to get you to your place/hotel. You can go and find other money changers with higher rates later on. 

8. Use your gadgets. Take advantage of the IT era.
Bring your cellphone. Get a SIM card at the airport or have it set to Roaming. If you bring your laptop or other devices which acquires internet access, almost ALL airports have free wifi access.

You may have one of the lightest hand luggage upon arrival, but considering all those shopping escapades, you might end up sitting on top of your bag, pushing it further just to close the zipper. Take note that the REQUIRED weight for hand luggage is usually below 7lbs. If your hand luggage exceeds the maximum weight, you have to pay extra cost (usually around $15), and have it considered as a check-in baggage.

10. NO liquids.
All liquids inside the hand luggage must NOT exceed 100mL. Liquids must be placed in sealed containers. If you wish to bring more than 100mL, place them inside your check-in luggage. Save yourself from all the questionings and confiscations.

 ....Keep these things in mind. It's fun to travel but it's better not to get into trouble. 
Don't be a himono and learn things the hard way.      



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