Etude House

Upon my visit in Singapore, I came across this pink shop in Plaza Singapura with girls dressed in pink with white aprons. (everyone knows how much I hate pink) 

To describe the ambiance, it was too girlish. I felt like a prom princess. Everything was so PINK. The girls were even extra nice in showing me how to use the products.
However, it's funny that they do not know who Lee Min Ho is nor are they even Korean. They just smiled at me as I told them general info about Korean boys and their impact on girls these days.

But of course, 
I did my shopping spree.

I spent a total of S$60 on beauty products. Well, just 2 products.

For that, I earned a MEMBERSHIP CARD.

I am entitled to 7% discount for all products, except those on-sale. Unfortunately, my card is only for Singapore. 
I got freebies as well (trial items).

2 items I fell in love with:

Etude House collagen mistful essence.

For the face. A toner and moisturizer in ONE.
Tightens your pores and adds moisture to your face.
Applied 2x a day, in the morning (before putting make-up) and at night before bedtime.
It gives you this glow, without the oily feeling.
Perfect for those with dry and oily skin. Perfect for the SUMMER.
I also love the pretty smell. And gives a little sparkle on your face.

Curious? I recommend you to try it :)

VIP Girl Lipstick

Want those cute kissable lips?
It's glossy and colorful.
You have to love its sweet taste!
From pale pink to the brightest red, you can't resist to pucker up.
Say goodbye to your old lipsticks that make your lips dry and chappy.

 I have a pink one, and I just love it.

Get to know the sweetness of ETUDE.

Etude  means "a musical study or composition intended for the practice of some point of technique".

Etude house, a Korean beauty solution shop, was established in 1995 as a specialty cosmetics brand, focused on high quality, reasonable pricing, simple design, and a wide variety of colors.

Its identity is SWEET.
Stores look like a princess' private room, conceived out of a fairy tale.
Makes you love being a girl.
The style is fun, new, casual, and unique.
         TRENDY?               SWEET?          SPARKLING?
      ROMANTIC?       CHEERFUL?        UNIQUE?
        PRETTY?               CURIOUS?

Its approach may be "teenage" or even "pre-teenish" BUT their products cater to women beyond their teens. From skin care, make-up, body, hair-care, to perfumes, and products for men.
Famous endorsers are Korea's Pop Idols, Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers) and Park Shin Hye (You're Beautiful).

Just for the record, Etude House was awarded "First Brand" prize for the Cosmetics Retail Brand Shop category at the 8th Annual 2010 Korea First Brand Award Ceremony held in Seoul on February 9, 2010.

Branches all over Asia: Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Philippines!

Check out the first 2 branches of Etude House:

1. SM Megamall, Ortigas: Upper Ground Floor, Building A
2. Festival Mall, Alabang: 2nd Floor, Wing 

For more information, visit the Etude House website:

Are you into Korean things?
Well, you might want to check this site too.

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